Blummin Vibrant Red roses + Qudo Cetta Crystal/Rose Gold earrings


Blummin and Qudo set: Blummin Vibrant Red XS box + Qudo basic two-sided Cori earrings + Qudo carms + 2 x Cetta mini 8mm tops.

Perfect gift idea! Later you can create your own piece of jewellery in the twinkling of an eye! 32 different top-designs are compatible with Qudo exclusive earrings. Also, all these top-designs are compatible with Qudo rings, bangles, necklaces and charms.

• Highly polished Stainless Steel
• Swarovski crystal
• Made in Germany

Comes packaged in a gift box.

Blummin XS box of sleeping Vibrant Red roses:

Box heigh: 9 cm
Box diameter: 7.5 cm
3 sleeping roses in box.

Sleeping roses are 100% natural. The roses are brought to a stable state and stored using special technology. Natural moisture is removed from the roses and replaced with glycerin. This process ensures that the rose retains its natural appearance and shape. Roses are treated with vegetable and biodegradable liquids. No toxic ingredients are used.

With proper care, can last up to 1 year:

• humidity 80%
• do not water roses
• avoid direct sunscreens and bright light
• keep indoors only
• do not touch often. Nothing must be placed on top of the roses
• remove dust very gently

NB! Roses are real and their color can go lighter in time!

Roses color is influenced by the environment, humidity, sunlight and a brightly lit room.

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