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In the Fabeles.com online store you will find world-famous brands. There are over 2500 pieces of jewelry to choose from – including rings, bracelets, earrings, watches and necklaces. In a jewelry store with fast and high-quality service, everyone will find something to their liking as well as a gift.

We work every day to make the most popular and demanded products in our selection.

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can answer the most complex questions of customers both by phone and e-mail. Valentina’s in-depth knowledge will help everyone find their favorite product! Valentina also deals with our e-shop, constantly updating it with new selections and product descriptions. So you can comfortably get a good overview of the offered goods and it would be easier to decide. In addition, Valentina manages all Fabeles.com orders so that these beautiful alarming jewelry can reach you faster.


takes care of our marketing activities and brings our excellent offers to our customers. Ele is a nice leader, who is approached with courage and joy. Ele is the founder of Fabeles.com and manages all roles!


know the jewelry and fashion and can recommend it to customers. This is also what our customers value. All the jewelry sold in the Fabeles e-store has gone through the critical eyes of Ele and Valentina – so only the best products reach customers.