The Seven color trends for Spring Summer 2018

inspiration for this article from Vogue.

Take note and get ready: see the seven trendy colors for Spring Summer 2018.

Trends will take two opposed directions: on one side towards a strong, vibrant palette, that recalls fauvist pictures, on the other towards pastel hues on light and destructured garments, for an ethereal look. All nuances going from Purple to pink will be on trend and will take centre stage on feminine and totally chic ensembles.

Purple: Pantone’s 2018 color of the year is Ultra Violet. A color that intrigues with its hybrid, mysterious nature, associated with the seventh chakra, where the human meets the divine. ‘Experiment’ is the word. See all tops for Qudo Interchangeable (Pre Order) PURPLE VELVET 

Rapture rose: a full, princess-like, intense pink shade. PEONY PINK

Sky blue: a fresh color that evoke a serene sky. It’s great on Qudo fashion Collection SUMMER2018 and Interchangeable collection SUMMER BLUE

Light green: green is back also for summer 2018, this time with a delicate and fresh nuance. See in the fashion Collection SUMMER2018 and in gallery MINT GREEN


Milk white: a full, warm hue. Nothing to do with optical white, cooler and cyber-like. This shade was spotted on light, natural materials on garments conceived for an exotic journey WHITE OPAL

Yellow: the same shade of the tracksuit sported by Uma Thurman in Tarantino’s Kill Bill. A vibrant, energizing tone of yellow. And a little wild, too, just think of paintings by Kandinsy or Matisse. And yellow’s comeback for 2018 is strictly connected to purple, its complementary color. YELLOW

Tomato red: a totally bold, entrancing hue. ROYAL RED

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